The Wallace Family

Nathaniel Wallace emigrated from the village of Carney, County Sligo, Ireland in 1834 at the age of 24. Nathaniel and Ann Belinda Wallace, also of Carney, were married in Woodbridge in 1839 and went on to have seven children. The 1851 census for Canada (West) York County Vaughan shows Nathaniel and Ann Wallace with children George 12, Matilda 10, Thomas 8, Clarke 6, Charles 5 and Anne 3. By the 1861 census they had a son, Robert. 

Captain Nathaniel Wallace

 Captain Wallace not only built the Wallace House in 1873 but also the Wallace  Brothers Dominion Exchange, the Inkerman Hotel and houses for each of his grown sons and their families. This home was occupied by successive generations of Wallace's until the early 1990's. Captain Nathaniel Wallace died on the 29th of January in 1885 in Woodbridge.